P.J. Walker puts on dominant performance at home

HOUSTON – P.J. Walker got off to a hot start in Houston early on Saturday. Though they trailed much of the first half, the Roughnecks defense shutout the Wildcats in the second half. On just the third play of the game, a 50 yard touchdown pass from Walker to WR Cam Phillips put the firstContinue reading “P.J. Walker puts on dominant performance at home”

Week 1 Power Rankings

This is it folks. We are on the precipice of having a legit Spring professional football league. All of our prayers have finally been answered by money man Vince McMahon, and XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck. The top level duo has successfully Frankensteined together the best parts of failed leagues of the past, while beautifully tipContinue reading “Week 1 Power Rankings”

February 4, 2020 Transactions

Houston Roughnecks Houston Roughnecks WAIVED OT Toby Weathersby Standing 6-6 and weighing nearly 310lbs, Weathersby was a monolith in the Bayou where he played offensive tackle for the LSU Tigers. After playing in thirty one games over three years, he decided to forfeit his senior eligibility and enter the NFL Draft in 2018, where hisContinue reading “February 4, 2020 Transactions”