February 14, 2020 Transactions

DC Defenders Wildcats trade OLB Anthony Johnson to Defenders The starting left outside linebacker and Defensive Team Captain of the Los Angeles Wildcats, Anthony “Kimbo” Johnson, was traded to the DC Defenders today. The former LSU Tiger signed as an undrafted free agent with the Miami Dolphins in 2014, where he earned his moniker “Kimbo”Continue reading “February 14, 2020 Transactions”

Week 1 Power Rankings

This is it folks. We are on the precipice of having a legit Spring professional football league. All of our prayers have finally been answered by money man Vince McMahon, and XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck. The top level duo has successfully Frankensteined together the best parts of failed leagues of the past, while beautifully tipContinue reading “Week 1 Power Rankings”

Team 9 Roster Released

The XFL announced the details and roster for the league’s full-time practice squad, Team 9, based in Dallas, Texas. 39 players, 2-5 per position group, were selected to train with Team 9 Head Coach Bart Andrus and his coaching staff, overseen by XFL Director of Scouting Eric Galko. Teams may select players from Team 9Continue reading “Team 9 Roster Released”

Buckeyes Turned Defenders: A Reunion of Champions

While Ohio State fans may still be reeling from the painful memories of the 2019 Fiesta Bowl, the XFL’s D.C. Defenders may be the perfect remedy for the off-season blues that plague Buckeye Nation. Here is an in-depth look at three former Buckeyes who are all wearing a different shade of scarlet this season. CardaleContinue reading “Buckeyes Turned Defenders: A Reunion of Champions”

Cardale Jones: A glimpse at the most anticipated player in the XFL

Ah yes, Washington D.C., the home of freedom, democracy, and more recently, professional athletic success. In a saturated market for professional sports, D.C.’s newest sports franchise, the Defenders, may be easily overlooked. Meet Cardale Jones The former Buckeye dual threat is, without a doubt, the most discussed name on any roster in the league. HisContinue reading “Cardale Jones: A glimpse at the most anticipated player in the XFL”